Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wedding Day : part 2

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It was now time for the other half of the wedding. I was wearing a golden kanjivaram that my mom in law got for me. I was really looking forward to dawn it on my wedding. I have always fancied kanjivarams and especially those that Rekha always wears at award functions. So, when my mom in law asked me what kind of saree I would like for my wedding, my first instinct was "Rekha jaisi golden saree" :p . Thus began the search for the perfect golden kanjivaram. After days and days of going around shops, and exchanging whatsapp clicks of the sarees with me, my mom in law and sis in law finally found the one, it was just "love at first sight" for me, the feeling you get when you find just what you were looking for...ahhh.

Anyways, after the saptapdi, it was now time for some more rituals, the first of them was "soonmukh", when the bride is introduced to her new family and everyone welcomes her with a gift and sweets are exchanged.

 My mom in law showering me with gifts.

This is a unique maharashtrian tradition, where the bride and groom are made to sit on the mother in law's lap and all of them are supposde to look into a mirror. I don't know the significance of this, but it was sure fun!

All the ladies in the family, greet the bride and puts sugar in her mouth as a welcome. I had so much sugar that day, I almost got a high!

This is my grand mom in law, welcoming me to the family with gifts. She has an spirit and even danced with us in the evening.

Although it feels odd to say this, but I honestly had sooper fun at my wedding, I was with both of my families, receiving gifts, chatting with the guests, getting so much love, I was having a blast .... haha.... and looking forward to the fun filled dance evening.

DJ night outfit and pictures coming up soon...stay tuned!!

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  1. nice to know about your customs, we have games played by bride and groom on first day and gifts/cash given by relatives as mooh dikhaayi (seeing bride face)