Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wedding day : part 1

My wedding day had finally arrived. It was a beautiful sunny morning, I woke up at six with butterflies in my stomach. It was hard to believe how everything was falling together. I was very happy and excited. I would usually imagine how nervous I would be on my wedding day and what if anything goes out of the plan, however, I was shocked to notice how composed I was and how everything went on so smoothly without any hiccups.

I took a bath, and waited for the makeup artist to arrive. I could see the baraat downstairs from my window. Everyone was at their best moods, dancing like champions.

I had planned to go for a traditional look for the wedding. Also, Its customary to change the saree amid the ceremony, so I was going to wear a royal purple silk saree that I got for the morning and then change it after the saptapadi to a golden kanjeevaram for the afternoon that my mother in law had brought for me.

For my hair, I wanted tradition white flowers and a braid. I also had to wear a pearl string on my forehead and a nath that every maharashtrian bride wears.

I'd been listening to stories by brides about how tired and frustrated they got on their wedding, so I was very concerned and made sure it doesn't happen to me. I went to the lengths of fighting with my mom over cutting down the wedding rituals to 2 hours which would usually go on for half a day and I am so glad I did.

For the first out of the many rituals, the "guru ji" used a thread to tie both of us together. It was fun and we were both looking at each other and giggling, while my mom was busy giving me these looks, asking me to keep quite and be a shy!

Couldn't help but show all my teeth !

After a whole lot of mantras, the next step was the saptapadi or the "feras" .

and the Varmala! which is supposed to be a lot of fun but the guruji was a spoilt sport and so he decided to announce that if anyone tries to pick up the bride or the groom, he will leave the wedding and we had to listen to him like good obedient kids. huh! wheres the fun in that :-/

Another unique maharashtrian ritual is that after the wedding the groom takes the bride outside to show her some weird constellation, I don't actually remember what they called it.. but yea.. apparently looking at extraterrestrial stuff on your wedding brings good luck... no harm ..right?

We just took it as a chance to pose for pictures :P

and this is how I got married and it was time for the second round.. so I went up to my room to change and get the loads of turmeric and rice out of my face and hair.

Wanna know what happened after this.... stay tune and follow me!!


  1. You're looking like PC from Kaminey. Super cute!! The star is called 'Dhruv Tara' I guess. Waiting for your Kanjeevaram post now.

    1. Thanks a lot aditi. .... & yes you are was the dhruv tara!!!! Haha

  2. wow! just loved the color of your saree... My mom's wedding saree was of the same shade. You guys look perfect together :)

    1. Thanks so much... Even i am crazy about this color :-)!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures Manali ... muhaaa ... I can see u have lost so much and u look in perfect shape ... care to help???