Sunday, 14 December 2014

DJ Night Wedding Celebrations

Hi Guys! I am back on the blog with the most fun part of my wedding, The DJ night. 

This was one part of my wedding that I was most looking forward to. It was one crazy memorable party. A lot of people from both the families performed including the both of  us ofcourse, which was then followed by a long night of dance masti when all the guests and our friends joined us. 

We had a a bunch of super fun and crazzy songs for our performance which included the likes of 'Gangnam style' and 'nakkamukaa' ...Which was definitely a shocker for a lot of people who couldn't imagine the bride and groom dancing on gangnam style.... It was a lot of fun looking at their reactions.

Initially, I planned on wearing a saree for this function. I even picked out a beautiful ombre Fuchsia pink saree with diamond like embellishments on it and got a nice halter neck blouse designed to go with it.
I was absolutely satisfied with my choice until one day when while speaking on the phone, SJ (hubby) just casually said... "ohh so you're wearing a saree.... naaice... just make sure you dont fall on your face while dancing" . I laughed it off then but the idea of falling on my own wedding just kept haunting me. I would put on the saree and try to dance in front of a mirror. I had already done all the shopping and didn't want to waste any I just let it go. But you know how a bride to be's brain work. Just a week before my wedding, I started thinking about the saree again and became super tense for no reason. 
Finally, mom came to the rescue. She said "okay fine If it is that important to you, go and see if you can find what you want" and me and my sister left for shopping immediately. I had kind of always wanted to include a gown on my trousseau so I straight away headed to this place which i knew was the best for it. To my surprise, as soon as I walked up the stairs to the store, I fell in love with this beautiful golden gown on display. I tried, it fit perfectly. I asked its price, in budget. All boxes checked. I bought the gown!

I wanted a sleek and glamorous look for the night, so I asked the MUA to give me smokey eyes and red lips.

Since this was a last moment change, it was a big surprise for him.

We ended up getting the best of the wedding pictures that night! I would strongly recommend brides to be to include atleast one gown or a western dress in their wedding events especially when they are supposed to dance. It looks very elegant and feels light and comfortable, huge relief after those heavy sarees.

So this was the story of my wedding. Please do share your views and comments with me. I love reading them and it inspires me to keep writing.

Stay tuned... Vegas trip Post coming up soon!!!

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