Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIY : Cute Over sized Clutch!

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I have been thinking about making some D.I.Y.clutches for a long time now and finally got a great idea, which is as simple as making a paper envelope.
So I made this cute and trendy over sized clutch.

Things I used to make this :

1. Hard Sheet (its's a canvas like sheet which gives the required strength and stiffness to your envelope clutch)
2. Print (get any print of your choice on a glossy sheet for the outer cover)
3. Buttons (for closing the clutch)
4. Accessories (I have used a rose bow and some glitter for adding text, you can also use a string for hanging, keychains etc.)
5. Scissors
6. Tape
7. Glue

All you have to do is make a simple envelope like this

Now use the hard sheet for support and stiffness, and cover it with your print to make this envelope.

Add buttons on top and bottom of the flap portion, to close it.

Now add some accessories....

and you are done!!

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Monday, 8 April 2013

DIY : Paint your shoes gold !

Hi People....
Here is something you will love...... I was just goofing around on pintrest and got some great ideas for shoes makeover, so I decided to get all sparkly and blingy and make some party shoes for myself.
All I did was take a pair of ordinary sneakers/ tennis shoes and painted it gold.

This is what I made.

How I made it :

1. Things that you will need : White shoes, Gold spray paint, Newspaper (to spread on floor), tape and scissors.

2. Clean the shoes, remove the laces and stuff the inner part with newspaper and add some tape on corners to protect it from the paint.

3. Now take the spray bottle and use it all over the shoes, do multiple coats for a fine finish. I used Asmaco premium grade gold spray paint.

4. Let it dry overnight. Once dry, you can put the laces back on. To brighten it up, I added silver laces to it.

And , you are ready to paaaarrrrtttyyyyy like a rockstar \m/ . They look really cool and are really in right now.

Check this out

So.. tell me  you like em ???