Monday, 20 October 2014

Wedding Day 2 : Engagment

Finally the day had arrived... I was getting engaged. All the planning that I did for months was taking shape. The day started as we moved to the hotel where we were supposed to stay for the next two days. Everybody was super excited and anxious at the same time, especially me. I was going to see him after a long wait of six months. 

By the time I reached the venue, the baraat had already arrived and everyone was sent to their rooms to get ready for the lunch. I finally got a chance to see Mr. "to be" and it was a magical moment. While everyone was busy settling in their rooms, I somehow managed to steal away some alone time with him.

It was lunch time now, filled with a lot of meet and greet and the who's who among both the families. For the lunch, I was wearing a red Anarkali that I had designed myself from a vintage kanjeevaram saree. Unfortunately, we didnt click any pictures that time.

Anyways, after the lunch it was time for me to go to the parlour and get ready for the evening. I had pre booked the makeup artist whom I knew from before. Since, I had been planning for this for forever, I knew exactly what I wanted for my look and the makeup artist did a fab job, I was very happy with his work.

For those of you who don't know, I had a maharashtrian wedding. The groom is a maharashtrian and I am kinda sorta! Actually my mom's family moved to MP from maharashtra long time back and my dad's family is from karnataka and I have never lived in those states and neither do i know the language... and being the progressive person that I am, I like to feel free from these boundaries. But due to the majority of maharashtrians involved, the wedding was maharashtrian style.

For the main wedding, I planned to go for a traditional look. So, I wanted something sort of trendy and bollywood for the engagement. I wore a neon lehenga saree with flares. It was so light and comfortable, I could move around and enjoy the whole function. I don't like to wear a lot of heavy jewelry so I tried to keep it minimum. For the hair I got a messy bun with some curls. For the makeup I trusted the MUA and left it to him.

Here I would like to clarify, that traditionally maharashtrian weddings involve a whole lot of poojas and are not meant to be parties unlike the north indian weddings. I, on the other hand had big plans to have fun and enjoy at the wedding. Fortunately my husband, mom and mom in law and in fact both families are some of the coolest people you'd come across and they gave me total freedom in terms of what I wanted to wear and do at my wedding. I can never thank them enough for that. The con however is that the pooja's couldn't be skipped.

Both the rings were shopped by my husband from US, I was blown away when he put it in my finger.

After the rituals and the ring ceremony were done with, we went outside to pose for some pictures.
They have turned out amazingly.

So, this is how the day came to an end. I will be sharing stories on all my wedding events stay stuned and follow me... do share your comment, I d love to hear :) :)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Wedding Day 1 Mehendi

 Hey Girls, I am back!

I apologize for the long absence from the blog but sometimes life happens .... I have been busy with moving to Dallas. I have now started my MBA here at UT Dallas. Also I had my honeymoon at Florida...yay!!! A lot of information for one post ..right??  So I swear i'll be active on the blog now and will be sharing a lot of interesting stuff starting with the long awaited posts of my wedding.

So wedding day 1 was mehendi. I am one of those people who have a very short attention span and cant just sit at one place for more than 10 minutes, so I had a really hard time sitting at one place for hours... other than that I had a lot of fun. I had decided that i will not be putting on a really elaborate design with figures and faces that takes like the whole day... as I feel that the details do not show up as much after the mehendi falls off and plus its so tiring. So I went for a simpler design that looked clean even after drying.

Mehendi was a small function that took place at my home. I just had my relatives and close friends who made the event so much fun and unforgettable.


The best part of the mehendi, I felt was the feet. Even though I always feel my feet are ...umm how do i put it "not pretty" the mehendi wali did a great a job at it.

One thing I was really excited about was the pictures :D :D. The photographer did a really wonderful job and I will have to write a whole other post for the wedding photography.

I wore a bright green halter neck anarkali with a floral embroidered top. I thought that the vibrant color and light weight of the dress was perfect for the event. The hair and makeup were pretty basic and were done by me.

One tip that I want to give to the brides to be is to be as relaxed as possible. I don't know if that is as doable for everyone because I have always been a very chilled out person and a lot of people told me at my wedding that they had never met a more relaxed bride.

I chilled out with my friends, posed for the photographs, chatted with the guests and moved around a lot, although that I would not advice it, as it lead to my mehendi falling off within 2 hours of applying it.

Altogether, it was one of the most memorable, happiest and anxious days of my life as I waited for my groom.... who was about to reach the next morning.

Want to know..what happened the next day ?? Stay tuned, I will post all about it next week.

Do share your comments.. I love it when you do that!