Sunday, 12 January 2014

Corporate Dressing.....with a twist

Hello people!!!! I hope you all had a rocking new year...... This year my first resolution is to be more active on the blog and try and post every week... lets hope I can keep up with it...fingers crossed :).

So..this time I decided to try my hands on corporate dressing also referred to as business casuals. I have noticed how people often hesitate in experimenting when it comes to dressing for formal events like business meetings or job interviews and prefer sticking to the mainstream (read BORING*) dress code. I strongly feel that a little effort on spicing up your formal wardrobe can take you a long way in standing out and making a professional impact. Well it is as they say "If you cannot be better than your competition, just dress better" ;).

To spice up my formals, I have added a pink scarf and paired it up with red pumps... which makes the entire look so much more interesting to look at.

There are a lot of other options for girls to try ... you could pair up a dress with a chic blazer, or you could experiment with pallazo pants..they are really hot right now. You can also experiment by adding a little color in the form of neon bags or shoes with monochrome outfits or try printed blouses with formal skirts and trousers. Here are some more ideas..

So go ahead, experiment and share...

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  2. love ur style...following u now! ru on bloglovin?

  3. Great corporate dressing! Adding some red n pink definitely makes it interesting!
    Dazzle and Sizzle

  4. Loved it...!
    Following you now...
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  5. Wow.. u look lovely.. & great dress..