Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Its Pink & Its Pretty...... What I wore for a Saturday out!

I am so excited right now......writing my first ever blog post. As you probably would have guessed by the name of my blog, I am a big time daydreamer and so a large part of my life has been spent dreaming about the things i want to do & some of them have even turned true, and this blog post is just one of those things.

Lately I have fallen in love with floral prints, with the vintage feel and as soon as I found this peach floral blouse, I decided that it will be a part of my first outfit post.


I paired the blouse with these grey pants that I bought a while ago, I am not sure what they are called, maybe a hybrid between harem pants and chinos. The best part about these is the big belt that I have fashioned as a side bow. Even though the pants are very comfy, I am not a fan of the side buttons (which look good) but poke me all the time.

For accessories, I chose a rose ring which is super cute, a neck chain which has this kitty + mermaid thing hanging from it and a charms bracelet, all of which have been bought online.

Just added some funk with neon pink nail color, shoes with polka dots and a suede bow and Voila !!! I am ready for a movie with friends.


Do tell me what you think about the outfit ???? 

PS : More stuff coming soon... keep coming back :)


  1. Pretty outfit and wonderful start.. dear! Keep up the content sharing... All the best!

  2. lovely post. u are the third fashion blogger i came across with engineering background. myself counting as 1st.
    xo sabbi

    1. Hi Sabbi.... its reassuring to know.....tht i m nt the only one :)

  3. How u manage to do that...

    seriouly awesome..

    1. he he ..... ppl like u encourage me to do it :)

  4. Wonderful outfit, love your blouse and a ring!
    And thanks for your comment on the blog!
    By the way, the comment you added a link to your blog, it is not valid, check her out!


  5. Pretty outfit and accessories! I think you are beautiful:-)
    Good going and good luck with your blog!

    Participate in my give away yo win a cute satchel plus more..

  6. Thanks a lot kalyani.... :)

    Will be doing that surely..!!!

  7. Loved you blog and Esp this Post looking Great,
    Would be great if you could tell the place of purchase

  8. Thanks for stopping by and the tip... will be trying to do that in future posts ... :)

  9. Where did you buy the ring and charms bracelet from??
    They are lovely. And so is your blog