Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Wedding Wardrobe

Hi Girls....... Happy Announcement !!!! I recently got married and plan to share my wedding wardrobe and other interesting wedding nit bits, shopping, hair and makeup details here.
I had a Maharashtrian style Indian wedding in Indore and most of my outfits were shopped from or designed here itself.
Stay tuned for all the wedding stuff coming up.... (yayy!! I am so excited)

Also, a quick update on what I am doing these days..... well I am busy being the new bride and enjoying the perks of being one... dressing up and getting clicked by your hubby ;) ....

I wore this Saree (Courtesy : mother in law)  for an after wedding pooja at my new home. Surprisingly I have become really good at saree draping, although it took me almost an hour to get dressed, i nailed it perfectly. I had to wear all gold jewelry with it, which made the look perfectly traditional.

So tell me how do you like this traditional after wedding look....... would love to hear from my readers !!


  1. Looking beautiful! I LOVE the gold saree!!

  2. You were absolutely stunning all through the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised at times to see different and amazing looks you had for different occasions but then I shouldn't be considering your creative and artistic side.
    Proud of you love, looking forward to the upcoming posts.